Dynamic Living

Dynamic Living

Make The Most Of  Life!

I want to remind you it’s never too late to turn things around.

Dynamic Living is a personalised Lifestyle & Wellbeing Program designed to guide you through the 7 core lifestyle principles for lifestyle and wellbeing.

Each principle is equally important as together they address the whole person and the essential lifestyle components to living a fulfilled life.

The 7 core lifestyle principles include:

  1. Strong Connections
    The ability to have a strong, healthy connection with yourself and others (eg friends, family, partner and children).
  2. Healthy Eating & Movement
    The ability to experience optimal health and wellness through intuitive eating, movement that makes you feel good, and mindfulness practices.
  3. Meaningful Activities
    The ability to participate in enjoyable and meaningful activities that uplift and inspire you.
  4. Spiritual Identity
    The ability to embrace a spiritual worldview that adds meaning, purpose and direction to your life.
  5. Contribution To Others
    The ability to contribute to something bigger than yourself (whether your time, talents, or finances) to assist others and make a difference.
  6. Rest & Self Care
    The ability to enjoy sufficient rest, sleep, and self care to nurture your mental and physical wellbeing.
  7. Self Expression
    The ability to enjoy authentic self expression, remain open minded to other’s views and take responsibility for your own life.

We’ll work together to enhance your mind, body and spirit, to help you achieve better life balance, improved health and wellbeing, more confidence, a deeper connection with others, plus the courage to embrace all things new.

Program Contents

  1. Greater sense of stability
    Improve your resilience, tools to help navigate difficult situations and enjoy a sense of security in your life.
  2. Increased confidence & self acceptance
    By knowing and understanding how to accept yourself on a deeper level, you’ll gain more confidence, improved self esteem, and loving respect for the wonderful woman you are.
  3. Enhanced energy & wellbeing
    You’ll discover ways to help reduce fatigue and lethargy, utilise your energy more effectively so you can make the most of every day.
  4. Freedom from stress & overwhelm
    You’ll learn how to decrease stress and anxiety, so you worry less about the future, start to make peace with the past, and gain confidence to step into the new adventures to come.
  5. Richer relationships
    You’ll understand how to create more meaningful and healthy relationships in your personal (and professional) life.
  6. Increased joy & fulfilment
    With a renewed sense of purpose and meaning, you’ll experience a greater sense of peace.

At the end of your personalised coaching program, you’ll have tools and insights you need to start living a more fulfilled and dynamic life!

Get in touch to discuss if this package is ideal for you.


Is ‘Dynamic Living’ Right For You?

This coaching package is ideal for the woman who . . .

  • Wants to get more out of life
  • Wants to experience better relationships with others
  • Wants to have more confidence and self-esteem
  • Wants one-on-one support and a personalised plan (not a one-size fits all)
  • Wants to achieve specific goals

However, this package It’s not ideal for you if . . .

  • You’re not willing to do the work to learn and grow
  • You’re looking for a quick fix to achieve your goals
  • You’re not open or ready for change in your life

Get in touch to discuss if this package is ideal for you.